Miss you Mom - Few Beautiful Words

Mom, nine months ago today

God called you home to stay

Mom, how I would love to just hear your voice
I can imagine you singing in heaven to rejoice

Many times I've seen you in my dreams
I now know what sadness truly means

Sometimes I hear a noise in the hall
I think of you, and the day we got the call

I think of you keeping watch over us, like a guardian angel would do
You know that we love you, and that we are thinking of you too

Somehow in my heart I just truly know
You keep watch over Laura and see her grow

Sometimes it is hard not to cry for a while
Then I think of you in Heaven and have to smile

When my chimes ring, I believe it is your way of saying hi
From your home in Heaven, way beyond the beautiful sky

When I get sad I remind myself, you're in a much better place
Mom I will think of you often, and remember your beautiful face

So to my mom Grace, who went to Heaven in 2004
I still miss you and one day, will see you on Heaven's shore